Speakers and Posters: Useful information for your communication

If it is not already done, don’t forget to register here: Register to the congress 

You will get a special price if you register before July the 31st.


Your communication has been selected
as an oral presentation

Your presentation material:

To avoid technical difficulties, please send us your data file before Tuesday the 23nd of August.
If it is less than 4 Mo, you can send it by e-mail at: Helene.airiaud@tmsevents.fr 
Beyond 4Mo, thank you to send it through a file sharing server (Dropbox or other).
In any case, thank you to reference it:  see you reference number.

We recommend you to bring your presentation on USB Key.
We recommend you a format 16/9 and to bring a PPT version and a PDF version of your file.
If you want to include videos, please send it to us separately.

If you are a Young Investigator, please insert the following logo on your presentation.


The day of your presentation:

Your presentation will last 10 minutes + 5 minutes of discussion.
Please refer to the following link to know the exact time your communication is scheduled at.

The day of your intervention, we recommend you to present yourself at the welcome desk of the Congress at the latest 30 minutes before the beginning of your session.
We invite you to be in the conference room at the beginning of the session.
Therefore, your presentation material must imperatively have been handed to the technical staff at the latest during the break previous to your session. 


Your communication has been selected as a poster

Your poster will be exposed in the Cloister at the Faculty of Law and Political Science.
Please refer to the following document to see the day of exhibition and the reference number of your poster.
Poster references

Your presentation material:
Format of your poster: portrait format 80×120. 
Make sure you have adhesive tape to hang your poster.
If you are a Young Investigator, please insert the following logo on your poster.



The day of exhibition of your poster:
At your arrival at the Congress (between 8h30 and 9h if possible), you will be asked to hang your poster in the cloister on the panel appointed. 
We will ask you to be present near your poster during the poster session, between 13h15 and 14h15.
If you want to get back your poster, please remove it at the end of the day.



Abstract submission

Deadline for the submission of abstracts was June 05, 2016.
Abstracts submission closed, no late submissions accepted.


Young scientists – (under 35 years old) :

A special fee is available for Young scientists (under 35 years old) who have an accepted abstract in EMC 2016 : register for only 350€ only !

Conditions :

  • Your abstract(s) must be accepted at EMC 2016 in a Young investigator Award Session
  • You must be the presenter of your abstract(s)
  • You must be under 35 years old

All participants of the Young investigator Award will present a poster and will be interviewed by a jury during the poster sessions. Prizes will be given to the best presentations in each session. The abstracts may be also considered for an oral presentation moderated by chairpersons.


Submission period

Dead line Submission 31 may 2016, 23:59
(CET- Central European Time). No late submissions will be accepted.

Changes and corrections: Once submitted, it is not possible to make any corrections to the abstract content or information (such as Presenter details, topic, authors list etc…). The EMC is not authorized to make changes to a submission. In order to correct or modify your abstract you first must withdraw it and submit a new corrected version prior to the deadline (See below for withdrawal procedure). Note that, such replacement of your abstract is not possible after the deadline. In the case of errors in your abstract discovered after the deadline, you may indicate the correction during the presentation at the congress. However, changes will not be included in the publications. If accepted, your abstract will be published as submitted.

Withdrawal: If you want to withdraw an abstract already submitted, please notify us as quickly as possible at secretariat@tmsevents.fr  stating the title and number of the abstract to be withdrawn.


Step 1 : Abstract Information

Title : Maximum 200 characters typed in lower-case letters, except for abbreviations and study names. Please be careful that your title might be truncated if you copy and paste it into the field. Do not include authors, institutions, city names, trademarks and abbreviations in the title.

Topic : Select one topic from the list of topics which best describes the content (for Abstract Evaluation). Make sure you select the appropriate topic/best matching topic as this choice will determine which graders will review your abstract. Abstracts submitted under a topic that does not match the subject matter of the abstract may be given a lower score from reviewers.

Note that in order to view the topic list, you must first select the ESC Event for which you submit your abstract (first field of the page).

Options : You may choose to submit your abstract under one of the following options :
– Oral presentation
– Poster session
Young scientist

In case you choose Oral presentation, if your abstract is not selected, it will be automatically selected for Poster session.

Young Investigators Award option

The following YIA sessions will be held during EMC 2016 :

Special note to YIA submitters – If you are submitting the abstract on behalf of the first author/presenter, you must enter the first author’s birth date, as this date will be the qualifying point for the option validation. Abstracts with non eligible birth dates will be automatically removed from this option and graded as “no options” abstracts. Please tick the appropriate box in the Abstract Information section.
All Young Investigators Award participants will present a poster communication and may be also selected for oral communication.

Poster session : Abstract to be considered for display in the Poster Area and moderated by a chairperson
Oral Presentation: abstracts to be considered for an oral presentation moderated by a chairperson.

Funding Acknowledgements: All sources of financial support (including governmental grants) for this research may be listed after the abstract. All grant funding agency abbreviations should be spelled out. This information will be published.


Step 2 : Abstract authors and institutions

Your abstract must list at least 1 author in order to be submitted.

Authors list: The Presenter must be part of the authors list included in the submitted abstract and be able to explain his/her role in the research during presentation. You may enter up to 10 authors in the authors list including the Presenter. The names of authors will be published as listed on the submission form. Please make sure you have enter the full list of authors and that the information given for each author is correct, as no changes will be possible after the abstract is submitted (see paragraph on changes and corrections above).

The authors’ order and details (names, cities, country codes) will be published as entered by the submitter.

The submitter certifies that he/she has permission from all persons he/she enters as co-authors to be listed in this abstract and that they are aware that their names will appear in all publications.

If none of the authors are able to present the abstract during the congress, the abstract should be withdrawn. If not, it will be considered as no-show and the Congress Programme Committee can then decide not to consider an abstract submitted by the same author the following year.

Institutions : This is a mandatory step.

You will be requested to select your institution when you create the presenter and the authors. Once you have entered your city, a list will automatically appear from which you can select your institution.
If your institution is not in the list, you have the possibility of creating it.
If your city is not in the list, please enter it, press enter then add your institution.


Step 3 : Abstract Content

All abstracts must be submitted (and will be presented) in English using UK English spelling with accurate grammar and spelling suitable for publication. If in doubt, please arrange for the review of your abstract by a native English speaker, by a university scientific publications office (or other similar facility) prior to submission.

Abstracts must contain original material neither published nor presented elsewhere prior to the EMC 2016 (in print or electronically).

Do not cut and paste symbols into your text. Use the symbols provided when you click on the .

We recommend you structure your abstract using the following headings:

  1. Aims
  2. Methods and Results
  3. Conclusion(s)
  • Avoid image and tables.
  • The maximum abstract size is 2000 characters including spaces
  • The character limit does not include the title and the authors. 

Limit use of acronyms and abbreviations. Define at first use with acronym or abbreviation in parentheses.

Abstract table: The Table field holds a table without surrounding text. Do NOT COPY your table into the field. You must RECREATE your table using the tools provided. The maximum size of the table is 12 columns and 20 rows, and you can only enter one table. The title field is optional.


Step 4 : Abstract Preview and submission

Proofread abstracts carefully to avoid errors before submission, check spelling and grammar.

The abstract will be reviewed and published (if accepted) as it has been submitted – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Do not forget to click on the Submit button to validate your abstract submission. After having submitted your abstract, you will receive an immediate automatic confirmation by email (please make sure to state your correct email address!) notifying you the abstract number. Please use this reference in all correspondence. If you do not receive this confirmation, please contact us at secretariat@tmsevents.fr

There is no limit to the number of abstracts an author/individual may submit, but the same research cannot be submitted twice, even under a different topic/category or with a different title. If you submit two abstracts with the same content, the abstract submission service will automatically keep the most recent abstract submitted and withdraw the other. Note that duplicate draftabstracts will not be deleted.

If you have difficulties in submitting your abstracts or if you need any further information, please contact us at secretariat@tmsevents.fr

Abstract Grading / Results

All abstracts will be blinded for review by 2 members of the Abstract Review Committee (graders).

Our intent is to be most inclusive of the quality science received without compromising scientific integrity.

Abstracts submitted for consideration must be an original idea, concept, or an improvement or revision of a previous idea. Submissions are peer-reviewed for scientific content, logical presentation, and current interest of the topic to the scientific community.

The final selection will be made by EMC Congress Programme Committee in May 2016 that will determine the format, day and time of presentation for each abstract. No rescheduling or changes will be possible.

Accepted abstracts will be scheduled either as oral presentations or Moderated Poster or day Poster Presentations.

All presentations including question-and-answers will be conducted in English. Presenters are expected to speak a good English.

All abstract submitters will be notified by e-mail beginning of july 2016 about the outcome of the review and selection process. Please ensure that the email provided is accurate as all correspondences will be sent via email.
If the abstract is accepted, instructions and guidelines concerning the abstract presentation will be provided online.

Submission of an abstract constitutes a commitment by the author(s) to present if accepted. Failure to present and register for the Congress, if not justified (abstract withdrawn), will be identified as “no-show” and will jeopardize future acceptance of abstracts.

All expenses (airfare, hotel….) associated with the submission and presentation of an abstract, are under the responsibility of the presenter.

Publication of abstracts

Accepted abstracts will be published in the Journal of Muscle Research and Cell Motility.

The submitter signs for all co-authors. He/she accepts responsibility for the present rules for submission and presentation on behalf of all co-authors.