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The welcome desk will be open on the 2nd of September from 12:00 pm to 6:00pm at the  Faculty of Law and Political Science , rue Ecole Mage plot_orange 
We will give you all you need for the congress: badge, attendance certificate, program, congress bag…

Your badge will be your passport during the congress. It will give you access to the conferences and lunches included in the program. Please note that your badge will be required to access the Young Investigator Session and the Welcome reception that will be held at the Faculty of Medicine , rue de l’Ecole de Medecine plot_rouge



Keynote lecture

Andrew Marks (Columbia University, New York, USA)  CV 

Molecular motor and Contractile structure
Lee Sweeney (USA)  CV 
Anne Houdusse (France)  CV 

Molecular motor and Contractile function (acto-myosin)
Robin Candau (France)  CV 
& Vicenzo Lombardi (Italy) CV

Muscle plasticity and Chronic disease
Xavier Bigard (France)
& Volker Adams (Germany) CV

Mechanotransduction (VIDD, Shear stress, Starling’s law)
Stefan Matecki (France)  CV 
& Basil Petrof (Canada)  CV

Muscle development and aging
Robert Kelly (France) CV 
& Peter Zammit (UK) CV

Epigenetics of muscle regeneration
Shahragim Tajbakhsh (France)  CV 
& Esther Barreiro (Spain)  CV 

Excitation-contraction coupling in skeletal muscle
Bruno Allard (France) CV 
& Hakan Westerblad (Sweeden)  CV

Excitation contraction coupling in cardiac muscle
Alain Lacampagne CV (France)
& Stephan Lehnart CV  (Germany)

Mitochondrial Dynamics
Jeremy Fauconnier (France) CV  
& Martin Picard (USA)   CV

Bio energetics and ROS
Phillipe Diolez (France)  CV 
& Fabio di Lisa (Italy) CV

Neuro-muscular disease and therapeutic approach
Vincent Mouly (France)
& Kevin Flanigan (USA)  CV

Muscle cytoskeleton
Olivier Cazorla (France) CV 
& Henk Granzier (USA)   CV

Smooth Muscle and vascular Function
Vincent Sauzeau (France)  CV 
& Katheleen Morgan (USA)   CV

Cardiomyopathy and Heart failure
Bijan Ghaleh (France) CV 
& Michel Ovize (France)  CV